FINIS is still in early development. Plans for playtesting will be announced when ready. Powered by the Knave System, with changes and customized rulesets yet to be implemented. Check back soon for updates. -JD | Updated 2/18/21

The pillars of peace were shattered when an army of abominations, summoned by The Ten Necromancers, burned the last great city to cinders. Any hope for victory quickly faded away as the few that survived fled for their lives to the eastern forests, vast mountain ranges, and coastlines. There they established small fortified encampments and hamlets in hopes of one day replenishing their numbers enough to strike back against the undead creatures that now dominate the land.

Colossal Calamitous - The Death Of The World

greeat nightmare

It has been half a century since The Ten Necromancers summoned the great rotting Calamitous - creatures ranging in size from that of a horse, to gargantuan monstrosities that loom over even the tallest of towers.

While none have laid eyes upon the Necromancers in decades, the detestations they created still roam the lands today. Cursed to traverse until either the rot overcomes the dark arcane power that animates them, or they are stopped by force, which is certainly no easy task.

These creatures leave only death in their wake as they slice their way through once-green valleys and long-dead plains carpeted with husks and dust. They traipse through ruin and abandoned city as if they were mere brush in a thicket, and they wade through vast lakes and rivers as if they were but puddles and streams.

The World of Mar

Only the elders know the name of the world before the Great War. The vast blue skies and green valleys full of life and wonder are no more. Long forgotten are the time of good and prosperity, this new place is now known to the survivors as the divided kingdom of Mar.

The small provinces that have formed along the eastern portion of the continent are barely able to keep any sort of control or governance. While the remaining people of Mar have a common goal in taking back the world from the dead, they still find themselves bickering and even fighting with each other over their own ideas of what a new world shall be. They have lost sight of what it truly means to have allegiance and alliances. This new world is a harsh and unforgiving place, most who seek out something resembling a life will adventure out into the dangerous places to find anything in the way of riches, hoping to give them a leg up in this new society that will hopefully one day be built...