The Barbarian

The Barbarian Short Story By Jeremy W. Dailey | 4/10/21 “They hunt me…” A staunch muscular man, bare-chested and coated in a viscous crimson, mutters between exhausted breaths from under a horned iron helm; “they hunt me, they hunt me, they hunt me…” The searing pain of a fractured foot transmits in unison of every…

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Rats in the alley

As Grandil opened the door that leads to the alley behind the shop, the scurry scattering of two rather large rats scratches across the wet cobblestone… Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Phasellus ut vehicula ligula, in gravida est. Donec rutrum vel eros eu scelerisque. Vivamus in purus id eros facilisis vehicula at…

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